A Swiss educated aircraft engineer, who worked on the development of the Concorde, then moved to Canada to the DeHavilland Company and finally in 1973 from the anagram of his name established the garage sized Zenith Aircraft Company in the United States.

At the beginning they produced 12 constructible kits in a double garage then after 10 years on the airfield of Mexico in Missouri they established their first factory. They have been producing constructible kits since then, but now under the management of Sebastien Heintz who inherited the work of his father Chris Heintz.

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Their STOL amphibias products are the two seater roundish Zodiac CH 601, the robust STOL CH 701 and the four seater variant of the later the STOL CH 801.

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The lady is sitting on the foots in the shade, with a CH 801 in the background, this plane also can be seen on the few following pictures.


There are a few additional interesting things. First of all the control system which following the DeHavilland solution with a breaching rod control in the middle, or the landing gears in the foots which can be released and retracted on the traditional way.


Due to the STOL ability depending on the engine type and the load the plane is capable of taking off or landing on 250 meters, while its cruising speed is 150 km/h with the range of three hours of flight with one tank of fuel.

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Its prize is around 80 thousand Euros without VAT, which consists a floating foots kit, a normal engine and the cost of the assemblage.

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