kes00If somebody jumps into the water with his stomach he is going to have a painful experience. In the case of a fast subject the water behaves like the concrete. When a plane touch the water it is like that it would take plunge into it as its knife shaped bottom touch the water first.

There are two main plane types serving on the world’s waters nowadays. The first one is the boat shaped seaplane while the other is the footplane.

To improve their ability of “waterflying”, knife shaped surfaces were designed for both types which absorb the strain when landing on water.

There are some models where a bell-ringer system indicates when this knife form touches the water.

Let’s see this knife shaped form first on the body of the boats.

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The form can be found in the middle of the boats on every plane as it can be seen on the Dornier DO 24ATT, or in the case of the Canadair’s Sikorsky 42 Clipper fire plane not to mention the other beautiful examples the Seawind, the LA 8, the Dornier’s Sray 007 and last but not least the Grumman.

Finally there are the footplanes.

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Like knife in the water

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