moszkva_vizThree pictures from three corners of the world prove that the children and youth could become the friends and fans of the hydroplanes and water flying.


This picture above was taken at the entrance of an event which was organized in the desert in Dubai in January 2009. The plane is a Cessna 208 Caravan amphibian which is surrounded by young guys and children. They even occupied the cockpit where the pilot rhapsodizes about the flying with this bird.

I tried to cheat the pilot for three times to let me in the cockpit, however I could not fool him. This event was organized by the Dubai Tourist Agency to make the children like the hydroplanes.


On the Wolfgangsee near Salzburg in the front of the Hotel Scalaria another water flying event was organized again in July, 2009. The pilots enjoyed the possibility of flying when this event was not washed away by scheduled tropical torrents.


Although this is an exclusive event the public generally find the way to watch the planes on the lake. The children on the picture might be the future fans of this field of flying.


In august near Moscow in unfamiliar cold with the overwhelming number of military planes a few light hydroplanes parked in the shadow of great airborne early warning and control aircraft.


On the picture a young lady posing for the family photo album and the children are treated with the same enthusiasm by the pilot just like his college did it 5000 km away in the desert.


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Young public on three parts of the world

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