Douglas DC-3 Dakota was a legendary passenger aircraft, mounted on floating in the second world war. One of them Dakota seaplanes would be nearly seventy-five-year-old, damage that can not fly today. A few years ago guest video about it.


This Douglas DC-3 example below is construction number 11761 and was delivered to the USAAF in 1943. She flew for Eastern Airlines until 1952. It was converted to a float plane by Dick Folsom in 1976, the floats are the original EDO Corporation type. The experimental type certificate for this aircraft was awarded in September 1990 and the first flight took place at Greenville airport at that time.

A painting of her:


Video about Dakota seaplane

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  • I did my seaplane rating with Dick. A exceptional instructor, a great examiner and a total overall gentleman. I did my checkride in 1974 and Dick had the floats at that time. In fact had, had them for many years. He was looking for a C47 that had been on the floats during the testing program done by EDO and the U.S. Military. To my understanding none were found, so that is one of the reasons that it was in the experimental category. One of his prime reasons for the DC3S was that the FAA had ruled that they could not carry canoes externally on the floats. Even though there are provisions for airplanes under Part 133 of the regulations. He tried using the Beech 18 for this, however the cabin was just a few inches too short to carry canoes inside.

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