The world’s largest seaplane was the Hudges H-4 Hercules. It was nicknamed the Spruce Goose, because the giant seaplane built birch. RC-pilot Juraj Jurovic built and led this scale model seaplane, the RC Spruce Goose few years ago.


We presented the Hudges H-4 Hercules in a previous article. The RC Spruce Goose specification are: scale 1/20, wingspan 4,9m, weight 32kg and powers 8x brushless motor.

Juraj documented the construction of a seaplane with pictures, some of which we have to gallery.

The giant rc seaplane flew not just once, than the original giant Hercules seaplane after the war.

The full gallery about RC Spruce Goose is available here.

RC Spruce Goose from Slovakia

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