China’s independently-developed AG600 giant amphibious seaplane has conducted test flights over the sea, according to its developer not long ago.

It represents a major step forward before the amphibious airplane model conducts its first taking off from the sea surface, which is planned within the year, said the state-owned plan maker Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC).

Through the test flights, crew members confirmed and familiarize themselves with the airspace and marine environment for the upcoming test flight missions.

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Codenamed Kunlong, AG600 is designed to be the world’s largest amphibious aircraft. China develops own amphibious aircraft to support maritime search and rescue missions The AG600 Kunlong can carry up to 50 passengers and take off and land in two-metre high waves.

The AG600 is bigger and has a greater take-off weight than Japan’s Shinmaywa US-2, the world’s most advanced flying boat.

Scource: Xinhua

AG600 Kunlong giant seaplane before sea takeoff

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