New models have been introduced from Beriev, the World’s biggest and outmost seaplane producer company. We begin their presentation with the Beriev 112 multi task amphibia.

Here we publish the pictures of its scale model, which was received on the Moscow airshow.

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It will be produced in the variant of airliner, cargo, rescue, fire and multi task. Here we only deal with the airliner.

It is traditionally designed to land on water and swim to a ramp where releases its landing gear then rolling to the boarding position. During take offs it goes back to the water on the ramp, then retract its landing gear then takes off on the water.

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A few important parameters:

The wingspan is 21.2 meters, on the ends two little boats secure the stability. The length of the main body is 17 meters, its height reach the 5.2 meters with landing gears.

It can carry 27 passengers with two pilots.

The maximum takeoff weight is 11 tons, it needs 860 meters for takeoffs and need 515 meters for landings on water.

Its range on 3000 meters, at 370 km/h cruising speed with 2.1 tons payload – twenty passenger and packages – and with reserve navigational fuel (for 30 minutes) is 1000 kilometers.

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The position of the engines is quite interesting. The two Prat & Whitney turbo propellers are built in the vertical fins.

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