For the honor of the centenary of the foundation of the first Dornier airplane factory, Conrado Dornier builds a new seaplane factory in Canada where the 10 seater Luxury Dornier Seastar will be constructed of composite in the next five years.


Conrado, who is working on the quarter century old model of his father Claudius Dornier, chose Canada due to its natural terrain and seaplane market.

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In the middle of the wing a typically Dornier style one line double engine (the front and the rear engines are in one line) characterizes the amphibia. This haul and thrust technology provides a short range take offs and landings to the plane on the ground.

The plane takes its almost 1700 km range with 300 km/h cruising speed. The crew is the two pilots.

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The cabin with six seats will be extended to 12 seats, which will be furnished with luxury armchairs which can be seen on the center picture. These are standard seats on every elegant airplane.


The typically haul and thrust Dornier double engines can be found on other planes to, therefore we will inspect it with our experts later.

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