We have received this letter from Bernie van Surksum fly coordinator, Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina Holland.

“Our beautiful Dutch Catalina is stationed in a brand new hangar now at Lelystad airport in Holland.

Highslide JS

Catalina and DC-3 seen in the new hangar
by Dutch Simba’s photostream

We will start flying again probably in april after all the inspections and doing roundtrips and splash and go’s with 15 passengers per flight from Lelystad airport.

Of course we will also be available for airshows and foreign trips like in Austria when I had this pleasant meeting with you.

If you have any idea’s about us coming over to Hungary please let me know and we can do roundtrips with passengers in our seaplane.”

Of course, I have idea about it.

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Splash and go Dutch Catalina

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