A replica and a radio controlled model evoke Sikorsky’s amphibia from the early Thirties.

The original zebra stripped plane was owned by a married couple, they used it during their huntings in Africa. The replica have based in Europe since 2010.

With it’s elegant cabin it was often referred as “The Explorer’s Air Yacht” . Behind the pilot 8 passengers were seated, and transported with 200 km/h, up to 1200 km distance.

You can watch the replica land and take of from Lake Lucerne on the following video.

Back in the thirties Sikorsky built 101 of this amphibia, besides numerous private owners the main operators were Pan American Airways an the US Army.

A czech model builder, Vaclav Janko made a radio controlled model of the S-38. You can watch it’s maiden flight below.

It’s nice to see this old timer in a picture with this swiss Twin Bee.

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The Explorer’s Air Yacht – Sikorsky S-38

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