100 years ago Monaco was the scene of the world’s first seaplane meeting, attended by seven biplanes, in March 1912.

Competition organized by the International Sporting Club of Monaco.


Seaplane pilots competed under the conditions of four categories:

1) takeoff in calm water, in the port, to circle marking buyos
2) landing in calm water, in the port, coming in from the open sea
3) takeoff in rough water and
4) landing in rough water


Jules Fischer, a Belgian yachtsman and duck hunter, known in Italy for having flown his Gnome -powered Henry Farman around one of the landmark towers of Turin was the winner.


Eugéne Renaux, with a Maurice Farman powered by the customary 70-hp Renault was the second.


A bird’s-eye view of Monaco Harbour and surroundings taken from Renaux’s Maurice Farman aquaplane.

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