After months of speculation China announced this summer that it is has started to assemble the Jiaolong AG600 (Water Dragon). It will be currently the world’s largest amphibious aircraft. The cameras also let to go in the Chinese aircraft factory this summer, therefore we can show film about Water Dragon.


60 – 70 years ago much bigger seaplanes competed in the world’s largest flying boat’s address.


The first picture is the German Blohm & Voss BV 238 flying boat, it planned Hitler’s evacuate to South America. It’s max takeoff weight was 100 tons. Seven years later, the English Saunders Rose aircraft factory’s SaRo Princess amphibian flying boat already has been raised up to 160 tons in the air. Between the two dates the Hughes H-4 Hercules flying boat only once flew – no more than two kilometer distance – with 180 tons max takeoff weight.

These giant flying boats did not reach the series production, most only three pieces were produced from the SaRo Princess, so they lost to the past. Today only Japanese ShinMaywa UC-2 raises nearly 50 tons, yet he is the greatest. Water Dragon can beat a few tons it, as the video reveals.

The manufacturer has received 17 orders for the seaplane so far, with around 100 expected to be needed in China in the next 15 years. The Water Dragon aircraft’s maiden flight is planned for the first half of the next year.

AG 600: China builds the world’s largest flying boat

5 thoughts on “AG 600: China builds the world’s largest flying boat

  • China made the largest ocean going ships in the world in the 1300s but must have decided the world wasn’t really that interesting and never used them

  • About time! Aircraft like this can carry enormous loads & can land almost anywhere,without paying a landing fee!

  • Although this aircraft has more load capacity, the Convair R3Y Tradewind was 18′ wider and 18′ longer and flew in the 1950s. It was a terrific aircraft but was doomed because of the unreliable T-40 turboprops. The Chinese have managed to almost duplicate it with more modern engines and a T-tail design. the similarity is amazing.

  • The Spruce Goose (sea plane) first flew Nov 2, 1947 it was designed to carry 750 fully equipped troops that is 200 more passengers then the 380 carries at 550 passenger configuration. It is a 200 ton 8 engine aircraft. The wing span at 320 feet the largest of any passenger / freight aircraft ever built including the AN225 at 280 feet. Wing area on the Spruce Goose 11,430 square feet, the AN225 is 9,742 square feet The tail wider then the wing span of a WW2 4 engine B17 bomber at 103 feet. Taller then the Airbus 380 and the AN225 (59 feet 9 inches), the Spruce Goose 79 feet 4 inches. 20 feet higher. It is 12 feet shorter then a 747 and only 19 feet six inches shorter then the 380. Take off speed empty 65 MPH it flew only one time. It now sits in a museum in McMinville Oregon USA. Oh! by the way it was made of wood, mainly birch. Now go and enjoy your journey with the Spruce Goose. This plane the AG 600 you can put one under each wing of the Spruce Goose like chicks and a mother hen. So no it is not the largest. Canada has two Mars sea planes from the US Navy used in WW2 they have a 165 foot wing span

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