The Maldivian Twin Otter seaplane tipped over while attempting to land at the Velana International Airport’s waterway Saturday morning.

The nine passengers and three crewmembers were rescued before the plane sank. The passengers and crew were minor injuries, they have already left the hospital.

Although seaplane operations were temporarily halted following the incident, seaplane flights have since resumed.

Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA) operates more than 40 Twin Otter seaplanes. The seaplanes flying to the islands from the international airport’s water terminal. The TMA airline transports more than half a million passengers every year.

Maldivian Twin Otter seaplane crashed into airport’s lagoon

One thought on “Maldivian Twin Otter seaplane crashed into airport’s lagoon

  • Glad they are all ok. The Twotter in the wotter has seen better days though.

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