What results do you expect from this 18 months’ work?

The general objective of the SA FUSETRA proposal is to demonstrate the needs and to quantify the potential of seaplane traffic business development, and to propose recommendations for the introduction of new seaplane/amphibian transportation system, in the context of the European Research Area like the improvement of passenger’s/customer’s choice for better time and cost efficient travel and transport.

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The main objectives are:
Identification of possibilities to improve seamless travelling by implementation of seaplane transportation systems within the European air- & landside transportation infrastructure (connectivity of possible seaplane harbours to other means of transportation)

Development of solutions by ensuring passenger acceptance (Evidence of seamless travel, flight time reduction, reduced operational cost, reduced travel charges, operational safety, better access to international air traffic)

Identification of reduced environmental impact of air transport by developing solutions for point-to-point seaplane operations (De-congestion of major airports, seaplane routes over uninhabited areas).

Propositions for enabling uniform implementation (EC wide) of the chosen seaplane operational system (Regulatory issues, water landing fields, etc) including a roadmap for regulatory issues.


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