It is a rare possibility for a grandchild to resurrect his grandfather’s legendary plane. Iren Dornier renewed a Dornier Do-24 ATT seaplane then flew around the world with it. He has been using this plane since then. When we took these pictures the amphibia rested on the water of the Wolfgangsee in Austria in front of the Scalaria Hotel.

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The lower wind provides the stability on the water and also serves as a stair to get in when the plane is in the port. At the second door those who arrive on boats can knock for admittance. The view is beautiful from all the 13 seats including the rear gun point.

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The cockpit is the mixture of the original and modern – blue painted – parts.


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We come out from a bit narrow inner space to the lower wind and take a tour around the plane.


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On the picture Iren Dornier awaits for taking photos of him, due to the fact that this special plane was also used for taking photos of celebrities, as it can be seen on one of the pictures above.

If you are interested, how the plane was reconstructed please click here. We also have a video interview with Mr. Dornier, please follow the link provided below.

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Dornier Do-24 ATT on the water

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