icon222A slightly more than 100 thousand dollars a two seater seaplane is on the sale in Los Angeles. The speciality of this plane is that its wing can be folded, so it is possible to store it in a garage or to transport it on a trailer like a motorboat.

Its first take off was on the summer of 2008, its standardized production is promised for 2010. The plane is supported by famous pilots like Kirby Chambliss the pilot of the Red Bull Air Race, or the actor John Travolta.

Let’s get to know it through the pictures and the video.










This is the official video:

The Hungarian IDEA amphibian, which we saw on the exhibition in Friedrichsafen, is really similar to this design.

Last but not least the greatest achievement of Icon A5 is its extensive usability including this fishing with a father and his son on the picture below, what we found the most attractive.

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Seaplane with foldable wings – Icon A5

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