In Finland as the land of thousand lakes no wonder that water flying is flourishing. Due to the short season the Finns expanded their water flying association with skies flying.

These pictures below were taken on their 30th anniversary meeting in the last august.

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The roast pig was an indispensable culinary part of the good atmospheric meeting. The pilots who were exhausted by the long trip enjoyed the benefits of the sauna as they rested in the bathhouse reminiscent to the early 20th century.

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There could be fine edge, freeze cold and faint light but nothing can stop the planes flying with skies.

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The roast pig cannot miss such an event, on the picture above the plane has universal floating soles so they do not have to be changed like the tyres on cars.

One last surprise, on the last picture a biplane Antonov AN-2 is parading on the Finnish snow and ice.

There are a lot of pictures on the suggested links, but as a farewell we cannot miss the biplane AN-2.


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On Finnish waters, snow and ice

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