Last wekeend we went to a seaplane meeting in Hauho, Finland, it was in 2011 the XXXVI. Splash In of the Sea- and Skiplane Association of Finland (SSAF).

During three days 31 seaplanes – three Swedish – landed in Hauho, in Ilorante Farm. The member of SSAF seaplane can fly by float in summer, and can fly by ski in winter in this area.

Make photo Mauri Keltto bigger

From Friday to Sunday participants familiarized with amphibia and floats, there were 2, 4, and 6 seats.

In Europe Finland is the only country where seaplane flying is without restriction legitimated. There is no need for infrastructure the seaplane are tied to tree and the pilot bring fuel along in can.

Ont the left – Jorma Harju, President of the SSAF- led a trip to a close little island on Saturday where we picknic.

Most member of the SSAF are retired commercial pilot but there are some business and different kind of job too. There was a Swedish pilot, who has inherited his Cessna from his father.

This little girl – Minerva – has arrived with his father by amphibia. Papa is an engineer, working for Nokia himself built from kit his amphibia.

You can see a seaplane in front of the cottage next to Hauho.

This photo: Seppo Iiskola

We will publish more video later.

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Seaplane meeting in Finland

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