Venice, the fascinating Italian spectacle, where even streets are made of water is now available to enjoy from the air. In 2011 a European subsidiary of a Dubaian seaplane company started to organize round trips over the architectural masterpieces of the city.

In 2010 we had a coversation with Martin Picard in Como (Italy). Martin is a European transit-pilot flying on floatplanes. He complained that he had to extend the landing gears from the floats to land near Venice.

At the moment there are no public harbours available for amphibians in Venice, but the power of Dubaian assets has already reached the city, where even streets are made of water.

Since then the seaplane-haven is operating on a pontoon at the sea. The passengers are transported with motorboats between the harbour and the mainland.

Round trips of the Seawings Europe are accomplished by a Cessna 208 Caravan Amphibia over Venice; the city is amazing from the sky as well. Enlarge the photos and enjoy!

A 30 minutes trip is quite expensive, costs 320 EUR, despite this the Cessna 208 operates throughout the day. Most of the passengers are coming from the large cruise liners, like anywhere in the World.

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Round trips of Venice

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