Two weeks ago on Scalaria Air Challenge the Dornier Do-24ATT old timer flying boat has been accident on landing. Video, images and reviews, descriptions of the heavy landing. Good news, the Do-24ATT already is parking in front of Red Bull Flying Bulls hangar, not far from the St. Wolfgang Lake.


The aviation accident investigation is done over a long period. Fortunately, someone made a video about this flying boat landing.

Three days after the heavy landing Facebook site issued a communication.

„Dear friends! Unfortunately we had a heavy contact by an object in the water at a planned touch and go during the Scalaria Air Challenge 2015 air show last weekend. Currently we are investigating the damage. Luckily nobody was hurt. Because there was a heavy storm a couple of hours before, we think it might have been a tree trunk. Another one has hit a motorboat only minutes before.”


According to a description of Aviaton Safety Network the accident occurred following:

„During the airshow “Air Challenge 2015” the Do 24 ATT was going to perform a “touch and go” display on the Lake. The plane slighly rolled to the left, then made a quick 270 degree turn leftwise (“Ringelpietz”) and came to a sudden stop within apx two lenghts of the planes lenghts. The crew stated they hit a floatsome and pictures show a hole in the fuselage. The Amphibian plane was towed by boats to a nearby slip and is now on land for further repair and inspection.”


6 little photos from Austrian Wings

On the forum of Warthunder site Pony51 wrote:

„A highly modified WW2 era Dornier Do-24 ATT hit floating debris on landing resulting in spectacular incident, fortunately no one hurt and aircraft mostly undamaged. Yes, the Do-24 did a full 270 degree “ground loop” after impacting the debris, but still stayed upright. Damage seems minimal and best of all no injuries! The Sponson design of stabilizers are regarded as superior to tip floats as latter is easier to rip off in extreme landings. Note the left wing tip was completely submerged in water, a tip float would likely be ripped off.”


By the end the pictures and also good news are on the Do-24ATT official Facebook page: „Just went to our friends from The Flying Bulls to give Latina some cuddles…we hope everything turns out fine and the lady would be back airborne, soon!”

Do-24ATT heavy contact by an object in the water

6 thoughts on “Do-24ATT heavy contact by an object in the water

  • Mmmm not so sure. Me thinks incorrect rudder input. Look at the video closely. Shortly after the Aircraft started yawning, full left rudder was applied aggravating the left turn and causing the loop.

  • At first glance I saw merit in your observations. Upon further review and consideration I have a different opinion.

    First, the pilot is saying he hit something substantial in the water. To doubt him is to doubt his word on a very basic level. I’m not willing to take that leap. But, second, isn’t it possible that the collision produced the input?

    I remember when Filippe Cousteau ground looped his PBY-5a and it didn’t stay upright and he drowned still in his seatbelt. That was a high speed taxi hitting a hidden obstruction and loss of control ultimately capsizing. We’ve seen just how fast this kind of thing can develop quickly. It’s a testament to the original sponson design of Dr. Claude Dornier that this airplane didn’t capsize or break apart. What’s most amazing to me is that Dornier is still even in existence and makes the current state of the art amphib, SeaStar. Just what the world needed was a King Air sized twin turboprop amphibian, right? It’s a total dream machine. It also uses the same sponsons without wing floats. A rich man’s toy not within the reach of mere mortals, but it’s still a comfort to know some value water flying enough to justify the six million price tag. It looked to me like this tri-motor Dornier will actually come through this MAJOR ordeal practically unscathed. Or maybe it’s why the DO-24 is now a museum piece.

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