From it’s lithuanian base the Super Petrel LS made roundtrips around Europe to attend the significant festivals of Europe.

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The plane started the season in Friedrichshafen in April, then in the next month in Biscarosse it could be seen on water.

A ‘must-have’ promotional photo under the wing of the Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina.

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These photos from the austrian Wolfgangsee, where the Scalaria Air Challenge was held in July. We saw the plane on the shore, and on the lake too, where it fraternized with swimmers.

As you can see the routes of the first two trips, it crossed Europe multiple times without any problems.

With full load, a pilot and a passenger on board the cruising speed is 180 km/h, and it can take off in 120 meters, land in 100 meters. For more data on the performance of the amphibia you can visit the manufacturer, the Edra Aeronautica’s webpage, you can find it’s link at the end of the page.

Finally, you can enjoy the pleasant flight of this tiny aircraft on the following video.

Suggested link:
Edra Aeronautica

Brasilian biplane amphibia in Europe

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