This year’s Aero was held last week, amongst weak presence of seaplanes: of the major manufacturers only Icon Aircraft had a stand, but they didn’t display an actual aircraft.

Only a brand new ultralight amphibia was displayed, many commentator found it takes after Dornier hydroplanes with its low horizontal swimming stabilizers. Considering its size, it’s humorous the plane was named “Flywhale”.

The maiden flight is expected for this summer, and the planned price is 125 thousand Euros.

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The czech TL Ultralight brought again the amphibia version of their TL-3000 ultralight again, just like the year before. The plane can be operated from water since last autumn, as you can see in this video:

A photo of Icon’s stand.

Irene Dornier was also an exhibitor this year, but unfortunately only his limited edition flight jacket and other pilot accessories were displayed, not the Dornier S-Ray007 amphibia.

More pictures

We also missed the float version of the new Savage Cruiser. You can find more photos of the expo at this gallery.

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