American aircraft factory ICON reports that its first customer A5 amphibian plane completed its inaugural flight at the company’s airport at the end of last month.

first customer

Last week the ICON Aircraft said its Facebook page: „We are proud to announce that the first customer A5 took its inaugural flight on April 24, 2015 at 7:00 am. Test pilot and Lead Aero Engineer Jon Karkow confirmed that all systems performed flawlessly, paving the way for a sequence of test flights. Next up: an FAA audit and first customer deliveries of the A5, which will take place this summer.”

3icon-a5-8on the water

ICON A5 ESN-1 is the first production aircraft, a major milestone that marks the culmination of years of exhaustive design, research, development, and testing. This video celebrates the completion of ESN-1, which is paving the way for serial production of the ICON A5.

At the end of the flight test program ICON A5 is going to be Light Sport Aircraft. ICON A5 price of around 200 thousand dollars. The order at the time 5 thousand dollars deposit must be paid. Today about 1200 customer are registered, because a new customer can take over for your seaplane at the earliest in 2018.

First customer ICON A5 already in the air

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